The ASA has quietly published its response to Dame Janet Paraskeva's audit of their performance and signalled their acceptance of 28 out of 30 of her recommendations. So what happened to the other two?  Her recommendation that the ASA should consider a change to the voting quorum to address narrow voting margins where the number of council members involved is few has been rejected, apparently because the issue only arises once or twice a year and would create undue delays. The other recommendation is that the ASA should conduct a review of good practice in independent review and appeal processes in other UK regulators and in advertising regulators in other countries and consider improvements they might make. We think that this was the most significant of all Dame Janet's recommendations and the ASA have said that they will start work on this autumn and aim to report on their findings in spring 2018. That is encouraging, as it suggests an acceptance of the need for some reform of the system and leaves enough time to conduct a thorough study, but without it being kicked into the long grass.  The sense of eager anticipation is almost palpable!