It's been an up and down year for YouTube.  Advertisers raised big concerns with brand safety after a spate of well-known brands ended up appearing alongside extremist and violent content.  

YouTube was quick to respond and implemented algorithm updates to better determine whether or not content should be monetized.  However, YouTubers were quick to raise concerns over these changes as, despite continuous improvements, they wrongly classified some content resulting in the loss of valuable advertising revenue.  

Despite this, YouTube is (and certainly looks to remain) the unrivalled platform for internet stars to make a living through monetisation of their content.  

Topping the chart this year as the highest-paid YouTube star is Daniel Middleton with an estimated income of $16.5m (£12.3m). DanTDM has more than 16 million subscribers and has had more than 10 billion views of his videos. Wow! 

Here's the Top 10 in full:

  1.    Daniel Middleton $16.5m (£12.3m)
  2.    Evan Fong (VanossGaming) - $15.5m (£11.6m)
  3.    Dude Perfect - $14m (£10.5m)
  4.    Markiplier - $12.5m (£9.3m)
  5.    Logan Paul - $12.5m (£9.3m)
  6.    PewDiePie - $12m (£9m)
  7.    Jake Paul - $11.5m (£8.6m)
  8.    Ryan ToysReview - $11m (£8.2m)
  9.    Smosh - $11m (£8.2m)
  10.  Lilly Singh - $10.5m (£7.8m)