The Advertising Association, Nabs and Wacl, backed by the IPA and ISBA, have called #timesup on sexual harassment in the UK advertising and marketing industry.

Today, they published a report which contains some disturbing statistics, reflecting the scale of the problem. They also set out a new Code of Conduct for the industry, which is designed to tackle it head on.

Among other things, the research revealed that 26% of respondents have been sexually harassed while working in the  industry – 34% of female respondents and 9% of male respondents. 

The great majority (72%) of those who have been sexually harassed have been harassed more than once, and of them a quarter have been harassed six times or more.

The vast majority of those who have experienced sexual harassment have been harassed by someone senior to them (82%). 

Sexual harassment had a similar level of prevalence across all company types surveyed; brands, media owners, media agencies and creative agencies.

We welcome the report and Code of Conduct

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As is mentioned in the Code of Conduct, employers can find free guidance and policy documents to help them make a lasting change, here.