'Don't Forget Lifebuoy Soap', 'Immunisation costs nothing' 'Measles is misery'  ......, we've come a long way since then. These enduring Public Health messages linger in the memory and have achieved proven success in improving the nation's health. From 1900 to the present day, a breadth of slogans and often hard-hitting campaign messages have sought to encourage us to change our behaviour through changing times.

In our increasingly health conscious age, we are advised to 'stop smoking', 'drink less', 'exercise more' .... Evermore sophisticated campaigns such as Change4Life, Talk to Frank, and Stoptober are the modern face of the public health message and continue to encourage us to be active recipients of our own change.

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"Because there's only one YOU"

Katherine is a Search Analyst for AdSlogans at Lewis Silkin.