Parenthood, the toughest but most rewarding job in the world. So, isn't it wonderful that adland are currently applauding Mothercare's new campaign in collaboration with Transport for London, celebrating new real-life mothers. 

"Beautiful, isn't she", a strapline for both mother and baby portraying the joy of this new bond whilst also celebrating a new mum's post-baby body in all its natural beauty. No gimmicks or fairytale imagery, just an honest understanding of the reality of women's post-natal bodies reflected in a series of powerful, unfiltered photos, complete with scars and stretch marks.

The Body Proud Mums campaign featuring ten new mums and babies with their own personalised story, looks to challenge the impossible expectations set upon women to regain their 'pre-baby body' after giving birth. A seal of approval amongst the chaos of being thrust headlong into parenting, the most demanding of roles, whilst battling an abundance of hormones and sleepless nights. Body insecurity. No thanks. Positivity all the way and one less thing to fret over while you're doing the late night feed.

With a new generation of brand savvy women demanding to be recognised for who they are, this campaign is sure to resonate. New parents are amongst one of the most powerful consumers with a potential lifetime of brand loyalty not just for them but their children too, Mothercare have pitched their new strategy to the essence of modern motherhood.