Some welcome news for the ad industry! After the IPA threw down the gauntlet by setting a target to have 40% of all senior positions (CEO, MD, Chair and executive management) occupied by women by the year 2020, the industry has already achieved that goal.

Yes, there will be those who say the target could and should have been even more ambitious, but let's take a moment to say congratulations and well done to the industry as a whole, and especially to those agencies leading this positive change.  It wasn't an easy target based on where the industry was a few years ago, so it is an achievement worth marking.

Hopefully we can move towards full gender equality in the next few years.  


Where the industry has done far less well however is in relation to BAME representation.  

The IPA’s target for black, Asian and minority-ethnic (BAME) representation was set at 15% of all senior staff, but only 28 agencies met this target. On average, only 10% of senior management positions were held by people from a BAME background. 27 agencies had no BAME representation at a senior level. This is certainly an area where improvement is desperately needed.


The figures available for LGBT+ representation are harder to come by, but we hope that the industry continues to progress in this area. There are plenty of resources available to agencies which want to become genuinely diverse and inclusive businesses.