As well as mental health support, Love Islanders are to be issued with guidance on how to stay on the right side of advertising regulators when they leave the island and come back to reality. Or at least when they come back home to find a new kind of reality waiting for them - one which involves them being reasonably famous for a few months or years.

While their star shines brightly, and before the tan fades, they will no doubt want to cash in on their new found fame. And who can blame them. 

Brands of various kinds will make generous offers of free stuff and serious amounts of money, and most will ask only for a favourable mention in one or two social media posts.

This year, rather than waiting for the love struck Islanders to fall foul of the fairly tricky and ever evolving rules on disclosures, the ASA has taken the pragmatic step of issuing them with guidance even before their return flight touches down.

A pretty sensible move given the very sudden change in their status from consumer to celebrity, and sunshine to cloudy skies.