It has been revealed this week that pop singer Ariana Grande has commenced legal proceedings against Forever 21 (described on Google as, "...Chain for the latest fads in clothes, accessories & shoes for young women.") alleging that the brand used Ariana's likeness in a promotional campaign to "suggest to the viewing public" a relationship between Ariana and the brand, or that Ariana endorses their products.

It has been revealed as part of proceedings that Forever 21 had previously sought to partner with Ariana to run a campaign, but she declined. The dispute focuses on several images posted to the Forever 21 Instagram account along with captions that appear to be taken from her song lyrics. In particular, one image run by Forever 21 showed an Ariana Grande lookalike with a high ponytail, pink puffball hair accessories and sparkly tassels - all of which feature heavily in Grande's '7 rings' music video. In addition, the caption quoted: "Gee thanks, just bought it!" - lyrics from the same song.

Further details from the proceedings state that the likeness is "uncanny" and that a single Instagram post from Ariana to her 163m(!) followers is worth "well into the six figures". Despite Forever 21 agreeing with Grande's lawyers to take the posts down back in February, the posts remained on their social media accounts under mid-April. Grande's lawyers have thrown the kitchen sink against Forever 21 claiming false endorsement, trademark infringement (are pink puffballs trade marked?) and copyright infringement.

This will come as further bad news to Forever 21 who have been rumoured to be on the brink of insolvency... ouch.