As the long autumnal nights draw in, what could be better than snuggling up next to a roaring fire to enjoy September's Ads & Brands law digest? This month's edition includes coverage of the ASA’s first high-profile adjudications under the new rule against gender stereotyping, and also of its consumer research on what actually works to identify promotional posts by social media influencers. (#Spoiler alert; #average consumer; #thick as two short planks.) The Competition and Market Authority’s consumer law enforcement activities across various sectors are also discussed, and we summarise a selection of court rulings likely to be of interest to brand-owners, including the decision from the EU Court of Justice that anyone who has a Facebook “like” button embedded on their web pages will want to read. Last but not least, we cover the successful action for trademark infringement and passing off by Claridge's Hotel concerning the Claridge scented candle. There are a couple of twists in the tail of that particular saga that makes the decision well worth reading, with cautionary lessons for both parties. Enjoy!