A patent gives the patent owner the exclusive right to prevent others from making, using and/or selling the patented invention without their permission, for a limited period (usually up to 20 years). A patent can be a powerful business tool: for example, it can force a competitor to make or use an inferior product or technique, earn royalties, and/or help secure investment.

Patents have traditionally been prominent in sectors such as chemical/pharmaceutical, engineering, high tech and biotechnology. But what is the relevance of patents for the advertising and marketing sectors?

This is the topic we will be reviewing in our third event in the 2020 seminar series for the advertising and marketing sector, at our offices at 5 Chancery Lane, London EC4A 1BL, on Tuesday 10th March 9-10.30am (registration and breakfast from 8.30am). For a copy of the event invitation please click here.

In this session our patent experts will be discussing:

  • How are patents currently used to protect core advertising activities? Software (e.g. cookies, data monitoring, etc)? Hardware (e.g. display boards)?
  • How can agencies protect product and business model innovations they generate when working with clients? Can an essentially non-technical innovation be given a "technical character" to obtain a patent?
  • How can agencies use patents as a tool for generating ongoing licencing and royalty revenues? How can patents be monetised?

Please join us for this session. If you would like to attend then please RSVP via the invite, or contact events@lewissilkin.com.