The United Nations World Health Organisation has issued a unique brief to the creative talent of the world to help it communicate critical public health messages in different languages, but also into different cultures, communities and platforms with a view to communicating to everyone, everywhere. 

The UN is appealing to creatives, talent, networks, brands, influencers, media owners, in fact anyone who can bring a 'creative twist' or a 'cultural quirk' to key messages which will them to amplify them to those parts of the global audience that they are not yet reaching.

The UN has identified 6 key areas, each with its own mini-brief:

1. Personal Hygiene

2. Social distancing

3. Know the symptoms

4. Kindness contagion

5. Myth busting

6. Do more, donate

As part of the brief, the UN has also provided key messages, existing assets and 'inspiration fodder'. For full details of the brief, click on the link below. 

As it is clear that the virus is spreading around the world, the UN is keen to "pre-emptively communicate with those communities who can still avoid or minimize an outbreak." 

At a time when everyone in the advertising, marketing and other creative industries is facing significant personal and professional challenges, this brief affords an fantastic opportunity to make a positive contribution to the global response to the pandemic. 

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