It goes without saying that it is a very tough time for the advertising and marketing industry, and all individuals and businesses working within it and associated with it.

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is the highlight of the annual calendar for many in the industry, and news came a few weeks ago that the event would be put back until October. Now, the decision has been taken to cancel the event altogether, including the Cannes Lions awards. 

Of course this is completely understandable, as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic reverberates around the world. It affects everyone from consumers to creators across the landscape of the marketing, creative and media industries.  Priorities are not focused on celebration, but on protecting lives, jobs, businesses and the wider economy. 


But perhaps there is still a little room for taking stock and celebrating successes in some small but innovative way? 

Take the Eurovision Song Contest as an example. They have come up with a creative way to bring a substitute event to their millions of fans around the world, by removing the competitive element and celebrating all of the entries that could have been. It's called Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.

So, who knows, the movers and shakers at Cannes Lions could yet surprise us with some creative idea to ensure that 2020 isn't completely wiped from history, and to ensure that the hard work of all those in this industry can be celebrated, and a spotlight can still be shone on these creative industries even in these darkest of times.

But that's a big ask and, if that doesn't happen, it's hoped that normal business will resume next year, with the next edition of the festival scheduled for 21-25 June 2021.