In case you missed it over the sunny Easter weekend, we thought we would shine a light on an act of kindness by the good folks at the Co-op.

The Co-op pulled its Easter TV advertising campaign and donated the airtime to help fight hunger during the current pandemic. Originally, they had planned to advertise their chocolate Easter eggs, but they decided to contribute £2.5 million worth of advertising to promote the work of charity FareShare instead.

With reliance on food banks being up in the past few weeks, and the short term outlook not looking good for those whose jobs are most at risk or have already been reduced or cut, Co-op partnered with FareShare to create a TV ad which paid tribute to the local heroes who are helping to feed the nation during these challenging times.

The scheme helps and encourages Co-op customers to support food banks by either donating in-store or via a text to a dedicated number, both of which will boost the £1.5 million of food the Co-op has already pledged to FareShare.

Readers can support and find out more about FairShare here.

Another Small Act of Kindness to Support a Big Issue

Along with Sainsbury's, Co-op stores have also started stocking and selling The Big Issue to support its vendors, because individuals are not allowed to sell the magazine on the streets during these difficult times.

In-store sales will continue to enable The Big Issue to continue to help vendors lift themselves out of poverty.