As ever, our latest Ads & Brands law Digest provides a succinct summary of the key legal and regulatory developments affecting the advertising sector over the period from December 2020 to January 2021. These are accompanied by a link to the full text of the relevant official source or our own report. The Digest is prepared with the inhouse lawyer in mind, but we hope that all our readers will find it useful.

In this issue, we've covered the following: 

  • The commercial and IP aspects of the UK-EU trade and cooperation agreement;
  • Another UK government consultation on restricting the promotion of HFSS products;
  • The latest CAP guidance on targeting age-restricted ads;
  • An ASA adjudication on removing negative reviews from a website;
  • The new CAP and BCAP rules on alcohol advertising;
  • The CMA’s continuing activities to remove the “loyalty penalty” for consumers;
  • A new European Commission consultation on new rules for distribution and agency agreements;
  • European proposals for new Digital Markets and Digital Services Acts;
  • And finally, a case about joint authorship in the context of a screenplay.

I hope also like this photograph from the local grave yard where I take a walk most days. 

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