Worried about what to take away with you to read on your summer holiday this year? Well, worry not! Firstly, you're not getting a summer holiday his year.  And secondly, the June 2021 of the Ads & Brands Law Digest is hot off the press, so all your summer literary appetites will be satiated. 

This blockbuster edition covers new CAP guidance on advertising consumer surveys and when to include VAT in prices; the latest ASA decision concerning gender stereotyping; the government's new draft Online Safety Bill; the CMA consultation on guidance about green washing; the Information Commissioner's Office £90,000 fine for American Express sending over four million marketing emails to customers; and Ofcom's consultation on new guidance for video-sharing platforms. 

In a nail biting twist, we also cover the Court of Appeal's confirmation that two directors were liable for trade mark infringement by their company. And then comes the denouement: the EU's decision that 'evergreening' EU trade marks by repeatedly registering the same mark can amount to bad faith.

So while we are sorry that we can't help with the disappointment of your cancelled summer holiday plans, we hope you'll enjoy this virtual literary festival nonetheless.