We have nearly 100 delegates signed up and over 75 GALA lawyers from around the world for the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance conference at the Ham Yard Hotel, Soho, on 13th October 2022.

The afternoon starts with registration  at 12.30pm for a 1pm start, with me interviewing Guy Parker, Chief Executive of the UK's Advertising Standards Authority and Vice-President of the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation. 

This will be followed by four panel sessions, with GALA members from around the world, exploring different aspects of advertising that are symptomatic of the age of crisis and change in which we now find ourselves:

1. Climate Change is a Global Crisis: 

How are brands, agencies and regulators responding to the challenge of promoting new green technologies without indulging in green washing?

2. Levelling the playing field: 

What are the strategies for combating misleading competitor advertising around the world?

3. The Crisis of Trust: 

Can consumers trust influencers and brands on social media? What are regulators doing to restore or create trust in social media marketing?

4. Making the future better than the past: 

How are changing attitudes to diversity and inclusion being reflected in global advertising?

In between these 4 panels, we will have a breakout session, allowing delegates to choose between one of the following 3 alternative panels:

  • The digital economy challenge: What are the recent developments in the world of advertising in the metaverse, crypto and NFTs?
  • The obesity challenge: How should HFSS advertisers respond to the obesity crisis and stricter regulations? And how are advertisers promoting functional foods and novel foods, such as those containing CBD?
  • The alcohol challenge: Are regulators infantilising consumers of beer, wine and spirits? Or can they still make informed choices about their alcohol consumption?

There will then be an evening reception of cocktails and canapes, and an opportunity to network with our guests, as well as with the leading advertising lawyers from more than 80 countries around the world.

The formal part of the seminar will end at about 6pm and we will then continue with the networking reception. As places are limited, we are charging for this event in order to secure commitment and tickets cost £295 + VAT

Please contact lizzie.barnes@lewissilkin.com if you have any questions, or click through on the link below to book your place.