'Dark Patterns' is a label that is widely used, but little understood. So the aim of this panel is to shine a little light on the topic. Brinsley Dresden will be joining a panel that has been organised by the American Bar Association, and moderated by Randal Shaheen of the Washington office of Baker Hostetler. Brinsley's fellow panellists will be Kelly Harris from Canada, Daniel Haije from the Netherlands and Jose Arochi from Mexico - all of whom are members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance. 

We will look at how advertisers are using dark patterns around the world and whether these are nothing more than traditional deceptive advertising, or something novel. How would our respective courts deal with them? What new steps are the legal authorities and self-regulatory organisations taking to tackle them? And how can advertisers avoid being caught out by some of these new developments? 

You don't have to be a member of the ABA to join, just sign up for just US$25 by following the link below. Please remember that the event is advertised as starting at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday 31st January, which is 5pm in the United Kingdom.