Starbucks started its tradition of seasonal cups 20 years ago. Nowadays they foam part of a wider advertising and marketing campaigns for the well-known coffee-shop brand.

Over the past two decades, the cups have occasionally bean an emotive issue for some people (who really need to wake up and smell the coffee); and when the cup isn't 'Christmas red' in colour some people have become particularly irritable, even bitter.

Anyway, this year Starbucks' cups and ads will feature a same-sex couple - two women, since you asked - enjoying a coffee. Apparently they 'lean in for a kiss'. Sweet as it is, they are aren't seen actually kissing, nor do they really get that close.  Actual kissing in ads is for the most part the preserve of straight people it seems, with a small number of exceptions.

But I don't want to press the issue, or roast Starbucks for this ad.  It's a nice idea, and to my mind they have avoided making this seem tokenistic, so they deserve a latte credit.

I must espresso my sincere apologies for all the awful puns.