Ten Facebook posts made by the Scottish Gin Society (“SGS”) between December 2017 and January 2018 have left them on the wrong side of the “lime” following the ASA's ruling today.

The posts were considered ads within the remit of the CAP Code because “they were directly connected to The Scottish Gin Society’s membership service and the intention to sell gin, which was therefore directly connected to the supply of Scottish gin.”

(Though you might argue the double-serving of the word 'direct' somehow dilutes the strength of the ASA's argument).

Nevertheless, the complaints were upheld for a mixer of reasons, including:

- they were irresponsible because they encouraged excessive drinking;

- the posts comparative nutrition claim breached the Code;

- the posts suggested that gin had therapeutic qualities and could help to treat health conditions in breach of the Code; and

- the posts had the effect of suggesting alcohol could enhance attractiveness and therefore lead to sexual success.

Of these, three posts were banned because they encouraged excessive drinking, with one containing an image of a glass of gin and tonic with the text “Shut up liver, you’re fine! Gin?”. The image contained the SGS logo and was captioned “Come on, be honest, How many of you are thinking this right now”.

Another, which understandably made the ASA break out in a cold sweat, included an image of gin and tonic accompanied by the text “Healthy eating and exercise make you look better naked. So does gin. Your choice”, 

If there are any lessons to be learned it is that a “light-hearted” and “humorous” tone can still stick in the back of the ASA's throat. 

A more measured approach is just the tonic.  But if you still think it's worth a shot, perhaps take some advice first.

I hope these awful puns aren't met with a chorus of booze.