Almost half of under 35s say they have taken extended sick leave of a week or more due to stress and anxiety. Promoting mental health wellbeing is a critical tool in reducing the 18% of all workplace absence which is caused by stress, depression and anxiety.  

As Campaign report on the steps that agencies are taking to support mental health, it's important to remember that not all interventions need to be complicated or expensive.   

We would encourage agencies to:

  • Ensure good management - lead by example; be mindful of setting reasonable deadlines and promote an open management style
  • Try to minimize the environmental factors  - changes in duties or a lack of training and supervision are common stress factors
  • Look out for work related stress - try to check in regularly to ensure your team can cope with their workload
  • Spot the signs of mental ill health - make time to listen and remember that things can change slowly 
  • Encourage disclosure and awareness of mental wellbeing
  • Try to deal with things early on - often when things are very visible the problem is already significant
  • Help your team to help themselves - be aware of the help available, you can't support alone