Does your agency have goals to achieve net zero? Do you think there are too many barriers to overcome?

The built environment is responsible for around 40% of the UK's carbon emissions and is one of the key sectors required to reduce emissions. As corporate occupiers, one of your largest overheads is your office space, but energy is one of the most controllable overheads in office buildings. 

There is a clear benefit to decarbonising buildings: it saves money, improves working conditions and reduces carbon emissions, all while enhancing corporate reputation. We know that occupiers and tenants often have limited say in what their landlord does with the building and whilst some owners and occupiers take a more holistic, forward-looking view, there is still a headwind in convincing all parties to commit to a lower-carbon future.

Join us at our new offices in the Arbor building on 19 September where we'll be joined by Native Land and The Carbon Trust. You'll hear the practical steps you can take to get closer to your net zero goal regardless of whether you're a freeholder, leasing a new building or entering an existing space. 

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