Welcome to the latest edition of our Ads & Brands Law Digest, covering legal and regulatory developments during December relevant to advertising, marketing, and brand-owning businesses. As usual, for each item we provide a succinct summary accompanied by a link to the full text of the relevant official source or our own report.

Sit down to relax with our Digest and enjoy our discussion of the following topics:

  • The ASA is consulting on new restrictions for advertising less healthy foods.
  • The CAP Code rules on advertising cosmetic interventions have been reviewed.
  • CAP has issued an enforcement notice to tax repayment agents.
  • The CMA is investigating a well-known consumer goods company for potential greenwashing.
  • Ofcom has issued a report on how video-sharing platforms are protecting children.
  • PayPal has changed its terms following action by European consumer bodies.
  • Ofcom has issued guidance on how to advertise broadband technology.
  • The CMA has also issued guidance on how to advertise green heating and insulation products.
  • Meanwhile, the CMA is investigating Simba Sleep regarding its use of online choice architecture.  
  • Finally, the Court of Appeal has issued a ruling on how the E-Commerce “hosting defence” applies to third party goods that infringe trade marks.

We hope you enjoy it.