On Tuesday 6th February, I am hosting the next webinar in the A&M Event Series: Interactive entertainment for creatives: Legal top tips when developing a game for your client.

More and more brands are using interactive entertainment to engage with their audiences, especially younger ones. These projects can range from a web-browser game accessed through a QR code to a branded Roblox experience to a full-blown brand-sponsored advergame on the App Store.

In this webinar, we will consider:

  • Where are the common contractual pitfalls to watch for when subcontracting the development work to a video game developer?
  • Where are the key IP risks, perhaps if the brand wants to include some real-world people, buildings or objects?
  • What are the main compliance risks to look out for with risks like consumer law challenges to any monetisation strategy, data privacy collection, specific advertising regulations and gambling risks from loot box mechanics?
  • What are the legal and practical steps to mitigate these risks?

Who should attend?

This session is intended for anyone involved in the advertising industry, from agencies, brands, platforms (including inhouse counsel, regulatory and business affairs experts and marketing professionals) with less familiarity with the games industry.

Those already working in the games industry are welcome to join and contribute their thoughts, but may already be familiar with a number of these issues.