Now that we know the result of the 2024 General Election, it's worth having a look at Labour's plans for updating regulatory rules in its manifesto.

Online safety

Labour will build on the Online Safety Act, saying that it would bring forward provisions as quickly as possible, and explore further measures to keep everyone safe online, particularly when using social media. It said in its manifesto that it would also give coroners more powers to access information held by technology companies after a child’s death.

AI and digital

Labour says that it will ensure that the UK’s industrial strategy supports the development of the AI sector. It will also create a National Data Library to bring together existing research programmes and help deliver data-driven public services, whilst maintaining strong safeguards and aiming to ensure that everyone benefits.

Labour will also create a new Regulatory Innovation Office, bringing together existing functions across government. This office aims to help regulators update regulation, speed up approval timelines, and co-ordinate issues that span existing boundaries. It also aims to ensure the safe development and use of AI models by introducing binding regulation on the companies developing the most powerful AI models.

Labour would also ban the creation of sexually explicit deepfakes.


Before the election was called, the Conservative government was progressing its Tobacco and Vapes Bill: Labour said in its manifesto that it would also legislate along similar lines, with a progressive ban on tobacco sales.  It also wants to stop vapes from being branded and advertised to appeal to children.

In addition, Labour has plans to ban the advertising of junk food and the sale of high-caffeine energy drinks to under-16s. 

Secondary ticketing

Labour's manifesto also talks of new consumer protections on ticket resales, but there is no further detail.  


Labour said that it is committed to reducing gambling-related harm. Recognising the evolution of the gambling landscape since 2005, Labour will reform gambling regulation, strengthening protections. It also says that it will work with the industry on how to ensure responsible gambling.

Electric cars

Labour will help buyers of second-hand electric cars by standardising the information supplied on the condition of batteries.

Football governance

And as England faces Switzerland in the quarter final of the men's European football championships tomorrow, Labour also want to bring forward a football governance bill along the lines of the bill that was lost in the pre-election wash-up. The Bill would establish an independent regulator to ensure financial sustainability of football clubs in England.