This week, the Financial Times reported on the ASA's five year plan, focusing on the way the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will deal with AI-generated ads, as well as its own use of AI to scan and monitor millions of ads that might previously have passed by unnoticed by the UK's advertising regulator.

One area of particular focus for the ASA is that of misleading environmental claims (greenwashing). There is a concern that AI-generated ads could use and abuse some of the ‘greenwashing’ phrases that have become popular in ads over recent years, but where the guidance and the ASA's approach is evolving quickly.

Claims like ‘carbon neutral’ are in the spotlight, among others. As we know, the ASA is particularly concerned about ‘carbon neutral’ claims that don't make clear that they rely (to a greater or lesser extent) on carbon offsetting, as opposed to carbon reduction.

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