This month, we’ll be reflecting on some Christmas campaigns by some well-known UK brands. In particular, we’ll be taking a look at the endlines these brands have chosen to tie their campaign message together. 

Our final group of festive spots all share the theme of meaningful gift giving and the quest for that special present that uniquely reflects the quality or talent of the recipient.

John Lewis & Partners “The Boy & The Piano” Adam&EveDDB

The much anticipated seasonal treat from John Lewis, features the flamboyant superstar Sir Elton John, telling the true story of how a Christmas gift – a piano belonging to Sir Elton's grandmother went on to inspire the music icon's life. Set to the classic hit 'Your Song' the ad takes us on a journey of the singer's rise to fame, working back from the present day to the moment he received the piano as a present from his mum as a young child. 

The Endline: Some gifts are more than just a gift. An aspirational message about sparking a talent and changing a child's life with the right gift - no pressure! 

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Boots “Get them something that says you get them” Ogilvy London

This festive film tells the story of a mother patiently guiding her daughter, Molly through the ups and downs of teenage life. As Christmas nears, Molly's spots her mum singing confidently in a Christmas choir and sees her for who she really is for the first time. To celebrate her mother's talents as a singer, she decides to get her a special gift, a red lipstick, for her next performance and presents it to her on Christmas morning to show she 'gets' her.

The Endline: “Get them something that says you get them” - there's no need for a gift to be big or expensive to let a loved one know how well you know them... a reminder that it's the thought that counts!

Click to view: “Elsie’s gift” St Luke’s

This charming animated spot tells the story of how one young heroine follows her dreams. The ad begins with a young Elsie receiving a toy astronaut helmet from her parents for Christmas. Thereafter, Elsie receives a space-themed gift every year as her interest in the universe and space travel grows. Later, we see Elsie leaving to study astrophysics at university and finally her ultimate dream of being an astronaut is fulfilled to her awe-inspired parents.

The Endline: “Find the gift that helps them find their gift” - Another nod to finding the perfect gift, and a poke in the eye for advertisers who have relied on tired old gender stereotypes this Christmas.

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Debenhams “Do a bit of you know you did good” Mother

This series of ads from Debenhams focus on the lightbulb moment when the thoughtful gift giver realises they have nailed the perfect present. Set to a soundtrack of Kiki Dee’s 'Star' , we witness the satisfaction this brings.

The Endline: "Do a bit of you know you did good" - the gift of finding the right present for a special person, and seeing their face when they open it.

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Intu “The Impossible Gift” Now

This animated story follows a wistful duckling who longs to fly like her older brothers. On Christmas morning she receives a special gift, flight goggles and a toy drone that helps her on her way. 

The Endline: "Find every gift however impossible" - making dreams come true at Christmas.

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