The AdSlogans database has been building at an exponential rate during the Coronavirus pandemic. With brands keen to show empathy and support during these challenging times, new campaigns are being released daily reflecting the ever increasing issues we are all facing whilst providing reassurance and a feeling of unity for the British public. 

Unsurprisingly, there are some common keywords being used in these new slogans, with an abundance of  togetherness, connectivity, kindness and the sanctity of home being key messages. 

                                       Credit:  Engine

From supermarkets and banks to sport, travel, entertainment and lifestyle, many of these campaigns have been put together with speed and limited resources in a bid to get the inclusive message out there. The 'new normal' of social distance shopping, the 'work-in' and the virtual lifelines to help us keep in touch at work and with friends and family are here to stay (for now). 

Here are just a few slogan examples to demonstrate how the lock-down has affected so many areas of our lives....

Because now more than ever, every little helps - Tesco

Football's staying home - The FA

Together, we'll get through - BBC

#Prescribe Kindness - Boots

Home is good - Persil

Keeping the country connected - National Rail

Helping you when you need it most - Lloyds

Keep your distance, stay together - Audi

Kindness will keep us together - British Red Cross

Stay at Home - Channel 4

We're never lost if we can find each other - Facebook

#BritainGetTalking. Apart. But Never Alone - ITV

#Keepitparked. For now. Not forever - Jaguar

'Work-Ins' Working in together - Intersport

Your Partners throught it all - John Lewis

Feeding the Nation - Morrison's

Join the movement #StayInWorkOut - Sport England

Visit Wales. Later - Wales(UK)

Local heroes: thank you #StayHomeSaveLives - Co-op

Stay home, stay safe, stay connected - Virgin Media

Of course, the last word has to go to the NHS, the nation's carers and an army of dedicated workers keeping us safe, fed and catered for.

                           Credit: Mother/Outsmart

Katherine is a Search Analyst for AdSlogans at Lewis Silkin.