Energy drink startup, Brain Füd has been forced to rebrand and relaunch it's entire product range following a dispute with Red Bull over use of the slogan 'No Bull'. 

Brain Füd had recently launched using the message 'No Monsters. No Bull' on its packaging, website and social media posts. However, rival energy drink, Red Bull had already trade marked the term 'No Bull' and claimed Brain Füd were infringing this trade mark by making a 'direct reference' to its brand whilst appearing to market itself as a superior product.

In their defence, Brain Füd claimed that Red Bull had never actually used the term 'No Bull' on its own products or advertising. Indeed, solicitors acting for the brand's founder claimed that, if proven, this could have given the startup legal grounds to challenge the trade mark infringement.

This is not the first time Red Bull have defended use of the phrase “No Bull” by other companies. In 2012, Bullet energy drink was taken to task over the slogan 'No Bull in this can' and won for infringement of the company's trade marks 'Bullit' and 'Red Bull'.

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