In celebration of their 60th anniversary, The Marketing Society are looking back at the brands that have left their mark each year over the past six decades. 

Spanning from 1959 through to 2018, classic brands such as Lego, Hovis, Cadbury's  and Guinness are among a vast showcase of household names that builds a fascinating snapshot into brand advertising. An insight into both the popular brands of the day and a catalogue of the more memorable historic events, fashion trends, gadgets and gizmos plus music favourites and classic TV, books and film. We are also reminded of well-loved brand mascots such as the PG Chimps, the Andrex puppy and the Oxo family.

This collective brand library spans a period of huge social change. Interesting to note that a significant number of the chosen brand campaigns are supported by classic slogans. Remember these?

"It's A New Toy Every Day" Lego 1960

"Now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your skin, with mild green Fairy Liquid" 1961

"Go Well. Go Shell" 1962

"Schhh ... You know who" 1963

"You don't have to bank with Barclays to have a Barclaycard" 1966 

"Beanz Meanz Heinz" 1967

"There's no other tea to beat PG. It's the taste" 1970

"Soft, strong and very long!" Andrex 1972

"The effect is shattering" Smirnoff 1973

"As good for you today, as it's always been" Hovis 1974

"Tested on Humans" The Body Shop 1976

"Reassuringly expensive" Stella Artois 1981

"And Mum made the gravy" Oxo 1983

"Vorsprung Durch Technik" Audi 1985

"Just Do It" Nike 1988

"You know when you've been Tango'd" 1992

"Good things come to those who wait" Guinness 1999

"O2. See what you can do" 2002

"The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty" 2004

"A glass and half full of joy" Cadbury's 2007

"Simples" Comparethemarket 2009

#BLOODNORMAL Bodyform 2018

The above serves as a reminder that a great slogan can help strengthen a brand's positioning and consumer recall. Some you may remember and some you don't but get it right and they can have a timeless appeal.