My colleague Alex Meloy recently covered an ASA decision against the former Ex-on-the-Beacher Chet Johnson. Chet had posted two stories encouraging his followers to head over to the website of North Wests Competitions to pick up a ticket to enter their various "live" competitions. You can read Alex's post here. That decision came shortly after another ASA decision against Love Islander Molly-Mae Hague. In recent months there has been a slew of decisions against various influencers who have run prize promotions via their social media channels - with the opportunity for their followers to win big on beauty products, PlayStations, and even luxury cars.

The ASA has clearly had enough of handing out weekly knuckle rappings and has issued new guidance for people thinking of running these giveaways, with the key takeaways being: (1) they're not as simple as one might think; (2) posts must include all significant conditions attached to the prize draw; (3) all entrants need to be treated fairly; and (4) the winner of the prize must be selected at random.

Read the full guidance on the ASA's website, here.